The Petite Europe’s journey began in 1967.
At that time, Principina a Mare was a small touristic village unknown to most of the people and it wasn’t reported in most of the local topographic and road maps.
Oasis surrounded by green Mediterranean pine forest, that stretches almost to the shore from which it is just separated from the natural barrier of the characterizing sand dunes, nowadays Principina a Mare is the destination for all people that are seeking a relaxing holiday in touch with the nature.
The sandy bottom of the beach that gradually thins out into the sea makes joyful and safely even the kids’ marine life; at the same time, the constant breeze makes pleasant the sun bathing and, when the breeze is enough intense, enjoyable water sports such as windsurfing or sailing. The wild nature of the coast that stretches along the Parco Naturale dell’Uccellina’s borders, is suitable for beautiful walks in which you will enjoy the pristine landscape of our coastline.
In the meantime, the Petite Europe has severally renovated and its structure has been noticeably changed and evolved adapting to the demands and needs of its guests. But there is something that didn’t change and this is the quality and courtesy manner that has characterized our work in all these years creating a wonderful mutual trust relationship with our customers, so that some of them are still our guests from the beginning.
In short words, we are working hard to let you have the privilege of being in holiday feeling at home!… And the journey continues…

Some shots from our Resort