Welcome to Beach Bar L'Aquilone!

L’aquilone Beach Bar is waiting for You!

We are waiting for you at our bar for a breakfast, a cold drink, an aperitif with a sea view or a coffee after lunch or in our self-service restaurant for a tasty lunch …. obviously all accompanied by the sweet sound of the sea. Take a break and come to visit us!

Info and Booking


cellulare: +39 3518087049

Hello, this is our restaurant menu, see you soon!


1A. Sea Salad

2A. Octopus And Potatoes

3A. Carpaccio with tuna and swordfish

4A. Octopus carpaccio

Pasta menu

1P. Spaghetti with clams

2P. Seafood risotto

3P. Potato gnocchi

4P. Strigoli allo scoglio

5P. Penne with tomato sauce

6P. Lasagna with meat sauce

7P. Tortelli Maremmani

8P. Sea ravioli

Main course

1S. Frying

2S. Swordfish

3S. Grilled prawns

4S. Sea bass with citrus fruits

5S. cod alla livornese

6S. Chunks of chicken and lemon

7S. Hamburger with french fries, ketchup and mayonnaise

8S. Schnitzel with fried potatoes, ketchup and mayonnaise

9S. Nuggets with French fries, ketchup and mayonnaise

Side Dishes

1C. French fries

2C. Green salad

3C. Grilled vegetables

4C. Parmesan eggplant